The Faculty Development Committee will recommend, approve, and monitor university-wide policies and activities related to faculty development resources and management, including mentoring in the areas of teaching, research, scholarship, publication, creative activity, and service.

The committee will also review and make recommendations toward all university-wide faculty recognition policies and applications for university-wide faculty recognition programs.

Meeting Schedule The Faculty Development Committee typically meets monthly. The Chair with the representatives will set the meeting dates & times.  The Chair or Senate Liaison will call the first meeting of each academic year. 


Tiana Curry-McCoy


Senator Liaison


Membership Roster


Nicole Meyer College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 706-667-4447 2020-2022
Rhonda Armstrong College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 706-667-4427 2020-2023
Tiana Curry-McCoy, CHAIR College of Allied Health Sciences 706-721-9330 2021-2024
Jeane Silva College of Allied Health Sciences 706-721-7626 2020-2022
Jonathan Ruiz-Ramie College of Education 706-737-1468 2021-2024
Therese Newton College of Education 706-737-1499 2020-2022
Catherine Jauregui Dental College of Georgia 706-721-2033 2020-2022 
Mira Ghaly Dental College of Georgia 706-721-2441 2021-2024
Lufei Young College of Nursing 706-721-5218 2020-2022
He Yang College of Science and Mathematics 706-729-2260 2021-2023
Angela Spencer College of Science and Mathematics 706-667-4512 2021-2024
Tadd Patton College of Science and Mathematics 706-737-1468 2021-2024
Tohru Ikuta Medical College of Georgia 706-721-3098 2021-2024
Gail Kouame University Libraries 706-721-9904 2020-2022
Jorge Cortes Medical College of Georgia 706-446-5732 2020-2023
Ron Martin  School of Computer and Cyber Sciences 706-729-2378 2021-2024

Meeting Agendas and Minutes