Award Criteria


Graduating seniors from:

  • College of Allied Health Sciences
  • Medical College of Georgia
  • College of Nursing
  • College of Graduate Studies and post-baccalaureate students from the College of Allied Health Science, Medical College of Georgia, and the College of Nursing

Criteria for Nomination

A graduating student who is considered to have performed significant, meritorious, and compassionate service to AU Health patients, the patient's family or the Augusta University/AU Health community without expectation of recognition or reward. The academic record of the nominees will not be considered.

An Institutional Selection Committee will be appointed by the University Senate using the following criteria:

  1. Three members of the University Senate who are elected by the faculty: the Past Chair, Vice Chair who will serve as Chair, and one other member of the Executive Committee.
  2. One member each, representing the College of Allied Health Sciences, Medical College of Georgia, and College of Nursing. These members should be from faculty with clinical experience who are involved with juniors and seniors.

Duties of the Institutional Selection Committee:

  1. Ensure nominating agencies/individuals are reminded of deadlines and policies.
  2. Work with the College of Allied Health Sciences, Medical College of Georgia and College of Nursing award committees. Nominees submitted each year will be distributed to these committees for semifinal selection.
  3. Select the winning semifinalists.

Individual College Awards Committees, within the College of Allied Health Sciences, Medical College of Georgia and College of Nursing:

  1. Will select semifinalists and pass their names and files to the Institutional Selection Committee.

Duties of the College Awards Committee:

  1. Receive nominations. Nominations will be solicited from the respective senior classes (CAHS, MCG, CON). Senior students will be asked to list their three most compassionate classmates. The top 2 nominees will be considered for selection as semifinalists.
  2. Solicit supplemental information from hospital staff, patients, patients' family members, faculty members, etc.
  3. Ensure the semifinalists' recommendation packages for students are in order.