Reality Check: eCigs Video PSA Contest


E-cigarette PSA Requirements & Guidelines
Fall Semester 2015

Length: 30 seconds

30 seconds includes:

  • 1st slide bumper - 3 seconds
    • Must show: Augusta University and Augusta University cancer Center logo. Obtain eps file from Augusta University Office of Communications and Marketing
    • Must state: Produced by Augusta University students
    • Must include year date: 2015
  • Video – actual length 23 seconds
    • CANNOT show someone smoking e-cigarettes, cigarettes, cigars, hookahs or other forms of tobacco
    • If referring to e-cigarette emissions, use the term “e-cigarette secondhand aerosol” instead of “vapor”
  • End bumper – 4 seconds
    • Must show Augusta University Website:
    • Must show: Augusta University logo 1st and Augusta University Cancer Center logo 2nd


E-cigarette PSA Content Options

  • E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that convert nicotine into an aerosol form
  • Nicotine is an addictive psychoactive substance
  • Nicotine is dangerous for kids at any age (CDC April 16, 2015)
  • Electronic-cigarettes are NOT a safe alternative
  • E-cigarette use tripled among middle and high school students in just one year from 2013 to 2014 (CDC MMW Report April 16, 2015)
  • U.S. research suggests e-cigarette use among youth may lead to smoking conventional cigarettes, a public health concern
  • There have been an increase in calls to Poison Control Centers nationwide due to e-cigarettes
  • More research is needed to fully understand the health consequences and long-term effects of e-cigarettes
  • Smoking e-cigarettes is not allowed on the Augusta University campus or at other University System of Georgia colleges and universities
  • When it comes to air quality, the use of e-cigarettes in places with established indoor smoking laws could be a step backward for public health
  • e-cigarette marketing parallels the marketing of conventional cigarettes
  • The Food and Drug Administration is expected to regulate electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product (Food and Drug Administration (FDA); American Public Health Association, The Nation’s Health)
  • e-cigs are not an evidence-based method for quitting smoking
  • Evidence-based quitting smoking services and resources are available at Augusta University Cancer Center and through the Georgia Tobacco Quit Line
E-cigarette PSA Contest Timeline
Oct. 1 midnight PSA Submission Deadline
Oct 5-9 Videos vetted by Cancer Center
Oct. 12-21 On-line Voting – Audience Favorites
Oct. 14 Judges Panel
Oct. 29

Awards / Recognition

  • 10:00-11:15am - during class time
  • Location to be determined


Winning Categories
  • Best Representation of Theme
  • Best Soundtrack
  • Best Cinematography
  • Most Creative
  • Technical Merit
  • Audience Favorite – on-line voting