How to help keep our campus tobacco free

Creating a healthier, tobacco-free campus is up to each of us, our campus community.
Complying with and enforcing our campus-wide tobacco-free policy is a shared responsibility.

As a shared responsibility, students, faculty, and staff may approach others on campus who are smoking regular cigarettes or electronic cigarettes or chewing spit tobacco, inform them of the policy and ask that they refrain from smoking or using tobacco on campus.

This Web page offers suggestions for how to courteously approach someone using tobacco or e-cigarettes on campus.

Compliance Hotline
You may also contact the Augusta University Compliance Hotline to report non-adherence to the tobacco-free campus requirement. Multiple options are available:

  • 800-576-6623  Toll-free, 24-hour
  • File a report online 

For additional information about the Augusta University Compliance Hotline click here.  

When you see someone using tobacco or electronic cigarettes on campus, try the "SMILE" approach:

S Smile.  Be friendly when approaching someone on campus using tobacco.
M Make the assumption that the person does not know about the policy. Tell them about it.
I Inform about quitting tobacco resources available on campus.
L Let them know about the policy again.
E Enforce. Ask them to respect the policy and quit using tobacco

Informing Others
Educating fellow students and employees about our tobacco-free campus is our shared responsibility. Augusta University students and faculty have been actively raising awareness and informing others about Augusta University tobacco-free.

On September 18, 2013 members of a communications class held a SMILE (Smoke-Free/Tobacco-Free Matters In Learning Environments) flash mob on the Summerville Campus.

  Suggestions for talking to people about being tobacco free

Talking Tips
If you see someone using tobacco on campus, consider saying:

“Did you know Augusta University is a tobacco-free campus? For our health and well-being, we don’t allow the use of tobacco products on campus."

 If the person asks, “Where can I go to smoke,” be straightforward and polite. Try saying something like:

 “Some people choose to go off-campus. Others are using the new policy as an opportunity to quit using tobacco.”

"Did you know that the Augusta University Cancer Center offers tobacco cessation services?" 

Other Points:

  • You may need to repeat the same phrase:
    “We are a tobacco-free campus, so we don't allow tobacco-use here.”
  • You don’t need to say whether you agree or disagree with the policy.
  • Merely state that we are creating a healthier place to learn, work and visit.
  • Augusta University Cancer Center offers tobacco cessation services to the campus community and to the public.
    Call 706-721-6744 for an appointment.


If the person becomes verbally abusive or refuses to comply, walk away and call security:

Augusta University Public Safety, 706-721-2911

GRHealth Safety & Security, 706-721-4787