Augusta University Tobacco Cessation Benefits - University System of Georgia Board of Regents Health Insurance Carriers

Augusta University employees using tobacco can have the tobacco surcharge removed if they quit smoking or using tobacco products. Learn more about tobacco users cessation assistance through the FAQ below, at this Board of Regents information about Tobacco Users Cessation Assistance or by calling Augusta University Human Resources Benefits. Contact Patricia Riley (706-721-3770) or Morgan Chavous (706-721-0960).

Q: Will the cost of my health insurance go down if I participate in the tobacco cessation services?
A: If you are currently enrolled in a health plan and identified as a tobacco user, when you quit using tobacco products and enroll in and successfully complete a tobacco cessation program, you are eligible to have your health insurance premium reduced by $50.00 per month.
NOTE: The premium reduction also applies to USG-BOR health insurance dependents beginning in the 2014 Plan Year.

Q:  Will my insurance pay for my cessation initial visit and the classes?
Ordinarily,BOR insurance coverage will not pay for the clinic visit or classes. 
Note: If you have health insurance with a carrier other than the BOR, check with your carrier to determine your tobacco cessation benefits.

Q: Is my dependent who smokes eligible for tobacco cessation services? 
A: Yes, your dependent that smokes or uses other forms of tobacco may participate in the Augusta University Tobacco Cessation Program. The cessation service is open to the public.

Q: Will my insurance cover the costs of cessation medications?
The University System of Georgia is providing medication coverage through the Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans. Health insurance will pay for the medication provided it is dispensed by prescription and filled at a network pharmacy.