Doctor of Dental Medicine

The Dental College of Georgia is a state-assisted institution with the primary goal of educating dental health care providers for the citizens of Georgia. The ethical practice of dentistry requires intellectual ability, physical competence and personal responsibility. Therefore, all requirements for admissions to the Dental College of Georgia must be satisfactorily completed by each applicant.

Dental College of Georgia

What can I do with a Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree?


The selection of a career should be made after careful examination of the pros and cons of the field under consideration. Observing in the office of a general dentist is the best way to learn about dentistry, and the Student Admissions and Recruitment Committee recommends that applicants make arrangements to observe in the offices of one or more general dentists. While observing in a dentist 's office is not a requirement for admission, it is seen by the admissions committee as one measure of an applicant 's interest in dentistry as a career.


A career in dentistry can provide many exciting and rewarding opportunities.  Some of the advantages of a career in dentistry include:

  • Independence of owning and operating your own business
  • Challenge as a health care provider
  • Opportunity to serve others
  • Flexibility of living anywhere you'd like
  • Options to teach and/or conduct research
  • Satisfaction of knowing you play a vital role in your community

Admission is on a competitive basis. The admissions committee recommends for selection applicants who, in the judgment of the committee, are best qualified for admission. Dental College of Georgia does not accept advanced standing or transfer students.

Foreign-Trained Dentists
The Augusta University Dental College of Georgia does not have a program in which foreign-trained dentists can participate in order to become licensed in Georgia.

Requirements and Recommendations.