Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry & Cancer Biology

The objective of the graduate program in Biochemistry & Cancer Biology (BCB) at the Georgia Regents is to train students to be outstanding and independent scientists that effectively compete for contemporary biomedical research positions. The program is underpinned by the notion that training involves several equally important skills and focuses on academic, ethical,  technical and presentation development. Training in the BCB program is designed to address each of these areas and provide students with a clear, well-rounded pathway to graduation.  

The Graduate School

This program trains students for academic or industrial research and teaching careers. Each program offers faculty with diverse expertise and a supportive, inspiring environment. Career opportunities are excellent; most students obtain additional postdoctoral training at other institutions after earning their PhD., and some go directly to research or teaching positions. Annual salaries for PhD. scientists range from about $25,000 for new graduates to $100,000 or more for senior professors and researchers. 

Requirements and Recommendations.