Our Minor Options

Political Science

Would you like to know more about the exciting world of politics and the vital role government plays in our lives? Get a minor in Political Science and try classes like International Terrorism (POLS 4906), Electoral Behavior (POLS 3901), The Supreme Court (POLS 4807), Ancient Political Thought (POLS 3501), and World Politics (POLS 4902). 

Nonprofit Management

Are you interested in a career in community service? Earn a minor in Nonprofit Management and take classes like Nonprofit Management (POLS 4050), Services Marketing (MKTG 4720), Museum Studies: Business of Museums (ART 3960), and Youth & Society (SOCI 3331). 

International Studies

Do you know where Djibouti is…or want to learn? Declare a minor in International Studies and enroll in classes like International Relations (POLS 3801), Intercultural Communication (COMM 3100), US Foreign Policy (POLS 4905), and Governments of Developing Nations (POLS 4701).