Political Science internship requirements

  • Junior or Senior class standing
  • Good academic standing
  • Permission of the instructor

For more details, please review the steps to an internship worksheet

For general information on the Department of Political Science's internship opportunities, contact Dr. Gregg Murray.

For more information on the Georgia Legislative and US Congressional internships, which have different requirements, please contact AU Government Relations and visit their internship page.

We hope you’ll take advantage of the many fantastic opportunities we offer for a successful political science internship!

Political Science Interns

Jessie Edge, POLS major
2016 US Senate Internship

Jasmine Key & Sarah Carter, POLS majors
2015 Georgia State Legislature Internship

Recent Federal Interns

2016:  Jessie Edge
2015:  Leslie Dodson
2014:  Joshua Ibarra, Victoria Resnick, Andrew Sprankle, and Sano Tafro
2013:  Heather Ross Kennedy

Recent State Interns

2017:  Eli Francis and Dane Leonard
2016:  Amber Greenaway and Kaylee Key
2015:  Sarah Carter and Jasmine Key
2014:  Andrew Sprankle

Internship Opportunities

Municipal/County/Regional Agencies

Political Offices

Nonprofit Agencies

Educational Agencies

Law Offices

Law Enforcement Agencies

Private Sector