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State Insurance Program

The State Insurance Program was created by the General Assembly to protect all of the State's real and personal property, and non-owned property in the states care, custody and control from insurable losses. This program is administered and managed by the Department of Administrative Services. Contact Augusta University Loss Control Program Coordinator, Sharon Quick at 706.721.2619 to obtain detail information regarding our liability agreements and/or file a claim.

DOAS Risk Management - Frequently Asked Questions 

Driver Awareness Training: Produced by DOAS Fleet Management, this video provides a comprehensive driver safety refresher course and insights into the revised Fleet Manual, OPB Policy 10 and the use of state vehicles.  This video is used in the Driver Certification Program offered through Augusta University Vehicle Services.

Auto Liability Training: This video, produced by DOAS explains key information about auto coverage and safety issues. Learn what information you'll need at the scene of an accident and whether you are covered by the State Auto Liability Insurance program or your own personal auto insurance policy. This is very important information for all state employees. Don't put your personal assets at risk!

Driving Dos and Don'ts: Learn best practices when operating a state vehicle or any vehicle on behalf of the state. This video, produced by DOAS shows practical ways we can change the way we drive.  Safety and Loss Control: It is the business of every state employee.

 Loss Control:

Keep the Vehicle Liability Insurance Identification Card current on on person when traveling for "official state business." Call the 877 number listed and follow instructions.

Contact Augusta University Police to report damage to state-owned property and private personal property.

Department of Administrative Services Agreements

Coverage Agreement Title Effective Coverage Date

Certificate of Insurance

July 1 - June 30

Vehicle Liability Identification Card (Yellow Insurance Card)

July 1 - June 30