How Do I Purchase?

Postage – Please contact the Mail Room.  An IDR will be necessary as well.  Please note, to better manage the cost of postage, all mail outs through the Mail Room or Post Office will be charged to each department / unit.

Printing - Please consider utilizing our Copy Center first for your needs.  Steve Nunn and his team provide high quality and affordable printing with great turnaround speeds.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Steve at

If offsite Printing is required, there are several local firms downtown:  Phoenix Printing, PressTech, Claffey’s, etc.  You are welcome to reach out to them and get quotes for your printing needs.

Computer Purchases – Information Technology offers a new approach to ordering computers.  IT will “stock” a small supply of the most common computers meeting AU specs used by all on Campus.  When you need a computer simply fill out an IDR and email to  The computers will be delivered and setup within 3 days.  IT will take the action to transfer the funds from the account you provide to a replenishment account.  This will greatly speed up the process and will bring efficiency to everyone’s operation.  Of course if you have a specialty need you can still contact IT for a quote and order via PeopleSoft/Health eShop.  Thanks to Joe Covington and his team for creating and implementing this concept.  IT will be sending out more detailed information in the very near future but if you have any questions, please reach out to Joe Covington,

In regards to Dell Specialty or Peripheral orders that do not route to IT via the IDR process, please refrain from using the “grouping item feature” on the Dell punch-out because it is presently causing issues with data transfer when pulling the quote over into PeopleSoft Financials.  If you have any questions contact Candyse Edwards (   

Cell Phones/Wireless – Contact Candyse Edwards in Purchasing for your Cell Phone or Wireless Connectivity needs.  Also, please look at your monthly bills to determine if a more affordable plan is best based on past usage.  If so, reach out to Candyse Edwards ( for adjustment or reconfiguration.  If on State funds, be as frugal as possible.

Rush Orders – As a reminder, if a “Rush Order” is necessary, state such in the main comments section of your requisition and alert your Buyer via e-mail and telephone.  If a response is not received quickly, reach out to another in Purchasing ASAP.  We will then do our best to overnight the order on your behalf. 

Note:  we are unable to place “Rush Orders” via Health eShop.  Thus, all “Rush Orders” must be input via Special Item / Special Request requisitions.

Office Supplies and Other Purchases – Be mindful of AU funds and buy the least expensive product / service that will get the job done.

Risk Management Reminders:
State employees conducting official state business and involved in an accident must report accidents within 48 hours to toll free number 1.877.656.7475, regardless of fault.  Refer to the Georgia Liability Insurance Identification Card (Yellow Card) for instructions on how to report.  (

  1.  When using a rental vehicle (excluding vans and buses) for official state business, please do not purchase additional vehicle insurance coverage, it is covered in our state-wide contract.
  2.  When traveling on official state business, make sure all required, approved documents are current and on file (Travel Authorization, etc.)
  3.  The State of Georgia is self-insured and managed by the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) and extends to liability only.  For more information, contact Sharon Quick @ 706.721.2619

Vehicle Purchases:
When considering purchasing a vehicle or utility cart for department, please contact Vehicle Services Foreman, Patrick Robinson (706.721.8108), for assistance in purchasing or replacing state vehicles. Replacement vehicles must be turned in to Surplus to acquire another.

5.1.1 Additional Vehicle Requests - For each new vehicle requested, agencies shall demonstrate the following: 

All current agency vehicles are being used as originally presented for budget justification;
The new vehicles are for additional staff or new program/unit;
The new vehicles will be utilized a minimum of 14,000 miles per year for State business; and,
All current agency vehicles will have current fuel and maintenance recorded in the Fleet Management Database.

5.1.2 Replacement Vehicle Requests - For each replacement vehicle requested, agencies shall demonstrate the following:

The vehicle was destroyed or,
The vehicle meets the replacement criteria established each budget cycle as determined by OPB, with input provided by DOAS. Criteria will be based upon comparison with other similar type vehicles:
Operating Service Months (Age)
Life-to-Date Miles
Average Operating Cost (less fuel)
Residual values at sale Operating Environment. And,
The replacement vehicle will be "like kind". If not, written justification outlining the need to meet new operating requirements must be submitted to DOAS for approval.
All current agency vehicles are being used as originally presented for budget justification.

  1. Department will work with Vehicle Services Foreman regarding vehicle selection.
  2. The Vehicle Services Foreman will contact the vendors on the state contract to acquire the build sheets and email them to the department.
  3. Once the department approves build sheet, return to Vehicle Services Foreman and the (CFC) funding source strand; request will be submitted to DOAS through Vital database.
  4. Upon DOAS approval of the department’s vehicle replacement request, the vehicle Services Foreman will send all documents to the Facilities Operations, Business Operations Specialist 1, Andrea Dent (706.667.4045). The Business Operations Specialist 1, will then place the requisition in PeopleSoft and order requested vehicle.
  5. A vehicle usually take 90 days to receive from the dealer, once the vehicle is received the Vehicle Services Foreman will install decals, numbers and have the vehicle tag.
  6. The Vehicle Services Foreman will contact the department and let them know to bring the vehicle that needs to be surplus to Vehicle Services and then will be allowed to pick up the new vehicle.
  7. The department will sign the New Vehicle Checklist sheet acknowledging the receipt of the vehicle.

 On behalf of all of us in Supply Management, we thank you for your cooperation. If you should ever have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

  (GO JAGS!)