E-Verify Requirements

Georgia law requires vendors who provide services to Augusta University to provide an E-Verify affidavit under certain conditions.  This page provides helpful information for vendors concerning E-Verify, and also for Augusta University personnel for determining the E-Verify status of vendors.

Purchasing & Contract Management has been tasked with implementing the new E-Verify affidavit requirements set forth in SB160 passed in 2013 by the General Assembly and recently signed into law by the Governor.  E-Verify is a Federal Government online registration system where employers verify a person’s eligibility to work lawfully in the United States.  The goal of the new law is to reduce illegal immigrant employment in Georgia.

As required, we must now document before a purchase is made that any vendor providing a service valued at $2,500 or greater is in compliance and using E-Verify. 

 From this point forward service contracts valued at $2,500 or greater must be entered via a requisition in eProcurement.  Thus, the P-Card can no longer be used for services over $2,500.  Once the requisition is approved and sent to Purchasing, we will review the E-Verify affidavit and will keep it on file to track compliance for our annual audit submission.  

 To assist us with processing your requisition and to speed up the compliance review process, end-users are encouraged to acquire a completed E-Verify affidavit, along with the quote from the vendor.  If the primary vendor will be using sub-contractors, then the sub-contractors must also complete and submit the E-Verify affidavit.  Note:  a Driver’s License from a compliant State is an acceptable substitute for the E-Verify affidavit when the vendor is an individual with no other employees.  Specific licensed professions are exempt from submitting an E-Verify Affidavit as well (doctors, engineers, nurses, etc.).

  Please see list below for Services that apply or do not apply to the new law.   

If we can answer any questions, do not hesitate to contact your Buyer or Contract Specialist for guidance.