To support the organization in delivering low cost, high quality education and healthcare by providing effective and efficient supply chain operations (such as purchasing, distribution, asset management and inventory control) and assisting others in the organization to maximize all supply chain resources.


To be a department, which consistently provides significant contribution to the organization's mission, vision and values through leadership and direction in the optimization of all organizational resources.



We exercise these values to meet the expectations of our customers and each other:

  • Integrity: We make decisions and act consistently to reflect the highest ethical standards that support an environment of honesty and trust
  • Team Work: We work together in a synergistic manner, using open communication to achieve greatest success in all our relationships
  • Innovation: We encourage a creative environment which fosters the development of unique concepts and solutions
  • Excellence: We deliver unparalleled service, high quality outcomes, and exceptional reliability



  • To maintain a value based approach to the evaluation and selection of all products and services for use throughout the organization
  • To optimize the value of all inventories
  • To partner with selected suppliers, including the primary group purchasing organization, where mutual benefit and value will result
  • To centralize all negotiations for the organization
  • To develop and maintain user friendly systems for the acquisition and delivery of needed supplies and services
  • To eliminate waste and redundancy throughout the organization