Salamanca Graduate Program

Graduate Program

  1. Earn graduate credit in Education
  2. Two 3 semester-hour classes at the graduate level in Education
  3. Homestays or teacher residence hall


  • Madrid
  • Toledo
  • Segovia
  • Pamplona
  • Barcelona
  • Figueres (Dali Museum)


TBA. All students in Georgia are required to attend orientation or they will be dropped from the program.


  1. Undergraduate major in Spanish
  2. 2.5 overall undergrad GPA
  3. 3.0 undergrad GPA in Spanish courses
  4. Two positive recommendations


  • Approximately $5455.00 plus graduate tuition at Augusta University.
  • Supplement for teacher dorm: $400
  • Students take six semester hours, and graduate tuition rates are posted on the Augusta University web page.
  • The price includes round-trip airfare from Atlanta, books, housing and three daily meals in Salamanca, hotels, museum entrances, excursions, transportation between Madrid-Salamanca and Salamanca-Barcelona, medical insurance and an international student identification card. It does not cover laundry, transportation to and from classes, meals on excursions or personal spending money. Students live within a mile and a half radius of the center of town, so they can easily walk.
  • Non-residents of Georgia add $250.00 out-of-state fees.
  • Optional excursions to Portugal, Seville and Granada are available at extra cost.


  1. SABR 6930 A (Spain: P-12 Teaching Spanish Grammar)          

An intensive review of all grammar tenses with special attention to problem areas for students, such as subjunctive and differences in the moods. Includes daily conversations on current events and compositions to write. Term paper or project required. Lab experience includes conversational interchange with a native and analyses of journals of undergraduate students. (3 semester hour graduate credits)

  1. SABR 6930 B (Spain: P-12 Teaching Spanish Culture)

An introduction to Spanish culture at the advanced level through lectures, videos, films, and music. Topics may include customs, contemporary ideas, religions, food, architecture, art, geography, history and politics. Students will visit the major museums and cultural sites of Salamanca, as well as those in other cities included in the excursions (such as Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, etc).  Term paper or project is required. Lab experience includes conversational interchange with a native and analyses of journals of undergraduate students. (3 semester hour graduate credits)