Study Abroad News


The Study Abroad Office would like to congratulate our faculty who won awards for our Faculty Development Travel Grants.  The grants were developed to help faculty secure funds to visit potential locations for future study abroad and away programs. 

Faculty had to submit a proposal highlighting the location, proposed activities, possible course associated with the location and a list of potential learning outcomes that could be achieved in that location.  Proposal involving a “new” location and/or new discipline in that location were giving priority, as well as potential programs that would involve the most number of students. We look forward to developing these programs with the faculty.

The three proposals that were awarded the travel grants are:

Living and Learning Community (LLC) 
Study Away Program to Seattle, Washington
Karen Ribble and Janice DeLoach

The LCC is a dynamic residential experience designed to provide an environment for incoming freshman majoring in Computer Science and Information Technology to become leaders in their field by introducing and fostering opportunities for personal development, academic achievement, community engagement, and professional development.  A study away component is considered a motivator to the LLC activities and will focus on the professional development activities with potential employers in Settle, Washington and tied to Ethics in Computer Science (CSSCI 2700).

Into. To Human Diversity and Cultural Anthropology 
Study Abroad to Ethiopia
Candace Best and Angela Bratton

This team-taught course will provide students with a comprehensive perspective of Ethiopia that extends beyond African stereotypes.  Ethiopia is significantly cultural diverse to over 80 different ethnic groups and 200 languages.  National pride across the country also resides in the fact that Ethiopia is the only country in Africa that was never colonized.  Students will be able to register for a core class or upper level anthropology or psychology course.

Jaguar Jumpstart and Leadership
Study Away to Unicoi State Park
Elizabeth Huggins and Abigail Drescher

The FYE Study Away program is an experiential course designed for Jaguar Jumpstart (JJSP) students who have just finished their freshman year of college.  Students can earn up to 4 credit hours enrolling in LDRS 2000 (3) and Wellness 1023 (1).  This trip is situated at the end of the spring term, freshman year, encouraging students to face challenging situations and develop resiliency that can then be applied to academic settings.