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POLS 2930: Model UN I: New York
POLS 4930: Model UN II
POLS 4930: Honors Model UN II: New York

Professor: Professor Nadia Jilani-Hyler
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This class is designed with several goals in mind. The class is organized to give the student a substantial knowledge base on international organization and law as codified in the United Nations Charters and Declarations. Students will learn the complete structure and organizational mechanisms of the United Nations, focusing specifically on the major institutions and organs, including: the Security Council, General Assembly, Economic and Social Council, Trusteeship, and the International Court of Justice. The class will concentrate on all UN committees, councils, and programs that our assigned country is a member of. The class will concentrate heavily on the history, culture, identity, society, economy, and political practices of the assigned country. Students will learn the key components of international strategy, bargaining, negotiation techniques, and tools of international diplomatic state craft. Finally, the class will develop and prepare students to participate in the required National Model United Nations in New York City.  

Additionally, students wishing to take 4930 should have prior experience with the MUN program, and be willing to take on additional leadership roles, such as helping to organize and work the Augusta University JRMUN. Honors students wishing to take the class for Honors credit will also have additional work.   

*No prerequisites for this program

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MUN students

Sample Travel Itinerary 

Every Friday during Spring Semester- Course Meets on Campus

Day 1:
Depart from Georgia
Opportunity to see New York sights, such as Ground Zero, Empire State Building, and other sites.

Day 2:
Preparation for the conference
Cultural Learning,

Day 3:
Model United Nations Conference

Day 4:
Model United Nations ConferenceConference placquards

Day 5:
Model United Nations Conference

Day 6:
Model United Nations Conference

Day 7:
Student free day: tours, plays, shows, etc.

Day 8:
Return to Augusta, Georgia

Financial Information:

Program Fee: $2300 + Tuition & Fees

Deposit: $200

Tuition & Fees

What's included? Airfare, lodging, conference fee
[Note: Hotel cost is for 2-3 in a room. If you would like a single room, you can request a single room for an additional cost if rooms are available.]
Additional Expenses: All meals


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Updated 10/27/2020