Independent Student Travel: External Programs

There are many different ways to participate in a program that is not listed in our Augusta Univeristy Faculty-Led programs.

Please note, this can often be a confusing process. We highly encourage you to make an appointment with the Study Abroad Advisor, to go over this is full detail.

    1. Other universities may interest you because they go to a different location, go for a longer time period, or study a language that we do not offer.
    2. This option allows you to go on a different university's study abroad program for a summer/semester/year, but return back to Augusta University after your program.
    3. If you are interested in this option, we always suggest going through another University System of Georgia (USG) school. There is a better chance that your financial aid can follow you. 
      1. You can find a list of USG schools and links to their study abroad offices here.
  1. This is a great option for those looking for a fully immersive and often language-intensive experience.
  2. With this option, you would become an "international student" at that university
  • Third-party providers are essentially organizations whose sole purpose is to provide study abroad programs.
  • These organizations are not necessarily affiliated with a specific U.S. school
  • Some providers specialize in certain experiences, courses, languages, and/or locations. This may require quite a bit of research to find the best program for you.
  • Some places to begin researching third party providers are on the websites below:

If you are interested in internships abroad, please refer to Augusta University Career Services to explore these opportunities.

All IST students, regardless of which program or method you choose, will need to complete the paperwork listed on the IST homepage.