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The Study Abroad Office is pleased to announce the availability of funds for mini grants that support International Virtual Learning opportunities for their course(s). Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) as defined by the Stevens Initiative “is a new teaching and learning paradigm that promotes the development of intercultural competence across shared multicultural learning environments.  Through the use of internet-based tools and innovative online pedagogies, COIL fosters meaningful exchanges between university-level teachers and students with peers in geographical distant locations and from different cultural backgrounds.”  Institutions have been creative in offering a variety of ways for COIL to take place in their classrooms.   

Applications HERE.


  • The Study Abroad Office is offering funds to help create COIL opportunities for the Spring 2021 semester.
  • Funds must be expensed by May 14, 2021 (this academic year).
  • $6000 available to award; Each grant amount can vary
  • Grants will be approved on a rolling basis.

Selection Criteria:

  • Grants will be awarded to support the development of innovative international opportunities that are brought into the classroom through COIL/ virtual learning
  • Proposals that support a positive impact on the campus and internationalization

Required components of proposal narrative:

Step 1: Provide a brief description of the course you are currently offering. Include how many students are in that course(s)

Step 2: Describe the virtual learning component you would like to incorporate into your classroom.

Step 3: List estimated expenses (or included a quote) for the potential virtual learning experience (this can be a very rough estimate).

Step 4: Include any additional information you would like.  If this COIL experience can eventually provide an idea for a study abroad program, please include that information as well.

Priority of grant awards will be given to:

  • Faculty members who do not have any virtual exchange experience
  • Faculty who have not led a Study Abroad/Away program at Augusta University
  • The potential that this COIL experience can lead into a possible study abroad program
  • Number of students this grant will affect.

Application Process:

Each application should be formatted as a single PDF file attached to an email no later than March 31, 2021 to Include the following:

  1. COIL Application form with signatures. Form can be found here.
  2. Budget (no more than 1 page): Explain project costs, listing specific figures and any necessary justifications (not to exceed $2000)
  3. Proposal Narrative (no more than 3 pages)

Resources on Virtual Exchange:

Stevens Initiative 
Example of Global Learning Collective's Virtual Exchange Porfolio
Georgia StateVirtual Exchange Initiative
Virtual Exchange 101 from NAFSA
Virtual Exchange Guide for SIO

The Study Abroad Faculty Handbook was created specifically for our study abroad and study away faculty. Not only does it contain Study Abroad policies and procedures, but also methods of recruiting students, how to take care of situations abroad, how to prepare your proposal, and how to handle financial matters, for example.

We encourage all faculty who are considering developing a proposal to looking through the handbook in additional to looking over the proposal to understand the overall process and also figure out what questions you may have.

Study Abroad Faculty Handbook

1. Program Proposal Form

Word Version  PDF VERSION

chevron-right icon Once the form is complete, submit it via email to
chevron-right icon Word Versions - Save blank Word form first, then make edits
chevron-right icon Fillable PDF Versions - It is recommended that you download PDFs to complete them. Adobe Reader 10.1.3 or later is recommended, available here. If you are using a Mac and having trouble with the form, please read this from Adobe.

2. Required Proposal Attachment: Budget Form - please email

For current program faculty
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