About the USGA

The Senate shall provide adequate representation and communication of the interests of the Undergraduate Student Body to the faculty and the administration. The Senate shall act as part of the legislative branch responsible for appropriating funds as described in the bylaws and developing policy recommendations on behalf of the Undergraduate Student Body.

All Student Government Association Senate meetings are open to all Augusta University Students.


Senate Meeting

Location: JSAC Coffeehouse on the Summerville Campus

Time: Thursdays bi-weekly from 7:30 to 9:00 PM


Senate Office:

Location: JSAC, Room 212


University Committee Representatives
Commencement Committee LeDarius Scott, Jasmine Fuller
Parking Leadership Team LeDarius Scott, Jasmine Fuller
Academic Calendar Committee Mallory Howard
Auxiliary Committee Brooklyn Doggett
Safety Committee Cory Hall
Momentum Year Committee Davon Hill
Student Activity Fee Committee LeDarius Scott, Tori Gaw, Michaela Mack
Mandatory Student Fee Committee LeDarius Scott, Tori Gaw, Michaela Mack
Joint Committee with Athletics Brooklyn Doggett, Joaquin Esquivel
Student Affairs Faculty Senate Committee Mallory Howard
First and Second Year Experience Committee Cherish Travis

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