Alpha Upsilon Phi

Alpha Upsilon Phi was founded at the Georgia Health Sciences University in 2008 to promote and recognize service and leadership efforts by our students, faculty, and staff. We believe service and leadership are essential experiences in the development of well-rounded health care professionals. We anticipate an expansion of the service and leadership opportunities already available thereby promoting a richer sense of campus culture as we work together to serve our community.

Alpha Upsilon Phi (AUPhi) is an honorary campus society and its name is derived from 3 Greek letters that represent the following ideals:

  • Leadership A (archigia)
  • Service Y (ypiresia)
  • Friendship Φ (filia)

Alpha Upsilon Phi was established to help bridge the gap between campus and community service opportunities and those volunteers seeking to make a difference. By increasing accessibility to service information and activities, we hope to foster an increased awareness of and participation in volunteer efforts by current and future health professionals. Service and Leadership activities exist at the school, campus, and community levels, so there are personal growth and development opportunities for everyone.

We also seek to recognize individuals who have contributed to the betterment of the campus and community. Each year, school-based committees will notify members of their graduating classes about the opportunity to apply for recognition at an annual convocation ceremony at the end of the spring semester. These AUPhi Alumni Members will receive a certificate of appreciation, a set of honor cords to be worn with their regalia at graduation and an AUPhi membership pin.

In summary, AUPhi promotes and acknowledges service and leadership activities carried out through various clubs and organizations on and off campus. It is our belief that through participation in these organizations, GHSU students become more complete and balanced professionals as they prepare to enter their chosen careers.

Reasons to Serve:

  • It is an expectation of health professionals
  • Networking with other students, faculty and staff
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Exposure to diverse people, places and situations
  • Increased awareness of the greater community
  • Emotional growth and maturity
  • Resume building through leadership and service participation
  • Annual awards ceremony recognition for outstanding service and leadership
  • Honorable distinction at graduation
  • For an enhanced educational experience
  • Most important is the satisfaction and personal fulfillment of knowing that you have made a positive difference in another person’s life.