Re-Recognize Your Club

Each academic year every existing student organization is required to re-recognize and update their information. This allows the Student Life and Engagement Office to keep up-to-date records of all the involvement opportunities for incoming students.

In order to re-recognize your club, you must fill out the Organization Registration form found on JAG Life and update the following:

  • Update current officer information.
  • Update a current roster of active members.
  • Update your constitution and bylaws.
    • NOTE: Beginning in 2018 student organizations are required to include specific verbiage in their constitution and bylaws. Please view the Sample Constitution for those required portions. 
  • Update your advisor agreement and information. If you need an advisor agreement form, please Click Here.
  • The president completes the online recognition training found here by September 30th.
    • The president or other members of the organization may also attend an in-person training. Trainings will be held on September 20, 2018 (JSAC Coffeehouse, 11:30 AM) and September 24, 2018 (Ed Commons 1110-C, 6:30 PM). The in-person training will not replace the online training, but is rather an opportunity for other members to be trained and ask any questions.

The annual re-recognition period starts on the first day of classes in the fall semester and ends on September 30th. Any organization that does not complete the re-recognition process within the given timeline will no longer be a recognized student organization of Augusta University and will lose access to JAG Life, EMS, SGA funding, and other privileges of registered student organizations. Once recognition is lost, the organization will need to register as a new student organization to be recognized again. 

Need help updating your information? Contact us.