Welcome to Jaguar Nation!

Being a part of the fraternity and sorority life community is an impactful way to be involved and leave a legacy at Augusta University. Our students that join a social Greek-lettered organization are known for many things across campus: scholarship, service, leadership, and meaningful bonds with one another.

Scholarship. Our organizations uphold strict academic standards and regulations. They offer and encourage study halls, academic mentorship, and access to alumni in your desired field. Our students consistently achieve higher academic standards, such as their gradepoint average, than those not involved in a fraternity or sorority. Joining and participating in a fraternity or sorority can assist students in meeting their academic goals at Augusta University.

Service. Our fraternities and sororities are known for their philanthropic activities across campus. They participate in university-sponsored events, such as Day of Service and Homecoming's Coin Wars, as well as host their own. Service events are unique to each chapter and often reflect their national service priorities. If you have a heart of service to others, be sure to checkout each of our group's efforts across the CSRA and beyond.

Leadership. Being a part of a national and sometimes international organization affords Augusta University students access to a world-renowned leadership development activities. Each of our organizations offers leadership development throughout their organization. Fraternity and sorority students are also known for being active participants in leadership opportunities across Augusta University, such as Orientation Leaders, Center for Undergraduate Research, and leading other registered student organizations.

Meaningful Bonds. Going through college is better when you do it with peers you have a connection with. The bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood offer deep friendships for our students to learn and grow through the happiest and most challenging circumstances of life and college. Talk to any of our fraternity and sorority students, and they are sure to tell you that the relationships they make in their organization have significantly impacted their Augusta University experience. Whether you are ready to sign up for intake and recruitment or if you have more questions, We personally invite each of you to get to know our organizations better. We offer numerous opportunities to do so in an engaging and friendly manner. Look out for any events hosted by our fraternities and sororities as well through the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram (@AUG_FSL) or email us with questions (greeklife@augusta.edu).

CPC - Roberto Aragon

IFC - Roberto Aragon

NPHC - Dr. ShaRon Spry-Dukes