Savannah River Scholars Program Qualifications

Science & Math Scholarships for Augusta University (Qualifications):

  1. You must be a major in one of the following areas, or planning to major in one of these targeted disciplines:
    Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics
    (Students in pre-engineering or planning clinical careers do not qualify.)
  2. You must be a student in good standing at Augusta University, or an applicant for admission or transfer to Augusta University. 
  3. You must plan to attend full time.
  4. You must demonstrate an aptitude for science and/or mathematics, and enthusiasm for its study. Once awarded a scholarship you will be expected to show adequate progress toward a degree in your math or science field every semester, and to maintain a minimum overall GPA of 2.8 as a freshman or sophomore and a 3.0 as a junior or senior. 
  5. You must convince the selection panel that receiving the scholarship will significantly aid your progress toward a degree in math or science by lessening your need to work at a job that takes time from your studies, allow you to attend full-time if you are currently attending part-time, or that the scholarship will otherwise provide important financial support for your science/math studies. 
  6. You must have demonstrated financial need as determined by Augusta University’s Financial Aid Office.
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