Peer Mentor Profiles

LindseyName: Lindsey Burden
Major: Physics
Career Goal: To work in an engineering position doing hands on work, to go to graduate school, and to take on a leadership role in what ever company I work with after putting my time in.
Hometown: Woodbridge, VA
Fun Fact: I used to do stand up comedy in D.C.


NathanName: Nathan Gaffney
Major: Physics
Career Goal: To be in a position that allows me to continue traveling the world and still working in a scientific field.
Hometown: None (I’m a Neo-nomad).
Fun Fact: I enjoy art as much as science



KyleName: Kyle Gebhard
Chemistry and Math
Career Goal: 
Materials Engineer
Redbank, NJ
Fun Fact: 
I have hiked several hundred miles on the Appalachian trail



JaimeName: Jaime O’Meara
Major: Physics
Career Goal: High School Teacher (with some Theology thrown in there)
Hometown: Augusta, GA
Fun Fact: I studied Esperanto for 3 months



CurtisleeName: Curtislee Thornton
Major: Physics
Career Goal: Staff Scientist
Hometown: Augusta, GA
Fun Fact: Served 4 years in the Marine Corps Infantry

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