Savannah River Scholars Program



Program was discontinued in 2015

The Savannah River Scholars Program (SRSP) is a STEM scholarship program funded by the National Science Foundation. The program is directed by Dr. Andy Hauger, Professor of Physics, and Dr. Sam Robinson, Professor and Chair of Mathematics. The program seeks to integrate research with education as well as increase the number, diversity and quality of graduates in the targeted areas of chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics. 

The SRSP is to be targeted to academically capable students who lack the financial resources to attend college full-time or work on faculty-led collaborative research projects. The program is expected to improve the educational experiences of the participating students by offering additional support services including science and mathematics tutoring, formation of a student cohort with separate on-campus housing, individualized faculty advising and mentoring and peer mentoring. 

The SRSP students will also attend monthly STEMinars on science and mathematics research as well as career and graduate school information sessions with alumni and local industry leaders. The STEMinar series is coordinated by Dr. Chad Stephens and is open to all students and faculty, as well as the community.


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