Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can apply?
Augusta University freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, or high school seniors who will apply to Augusta University. Students at other colleges may also apply if they intend to transfer to Augusta University.

2. What majors qualify for the SRSP?
The SRSP is targeting students majoring in chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics. The program is not intended for pre-engineering or students planning clinical careers.

3. What funds are available for SRSP students?
The SRSP is funded by the National Science Foundation and is designed to meet any unmet financial need for students majoring in the targeted disciplines of chemistry, computer science, mathematics or physics. We anticipate that the average award will be approximately $5,700 but each student’s award amount will be based on their unmet need as determined by Augusta University’s Financial Aid Office.

4. May a transfer student be an SRSP scholar? 

5. Must an SRSP scholar be enrolled fulltime?
Yes. However, it is important to note that one of the objectives of the SRSP is to help part-time students enroll full-time.

6. Are there other things the SRSP scholars do?
Yes, the SRSP scholars will be assigned both a faculty mentor and a peer mentor and will be expected to meet with the regularly throughout the semester. In addition, SRSP scholars will be asked to take part in the monthly Science and Mathematics seminar and a brief summer orientation.

7. Do SRSP scholars do research?
Undergraduate research is an excellent opportunity for most science and mathematics students and SRSP scholars are encouraged, but not required, to participate. Some funding for supplies is available through SRSP.

8. How does one apply for this scholarship?
Students should submit the application which includes a biography and a statement of interest. Applicants should also have two individuals send in letters of reference on their behalf. At least one of those letters should be written by a mathematics or science instructor familiar with the student’s level of ability. Letters should be sent to 
Dr. J. A. Hauger
Director, Savannah River Scholars Program
Augusta University
Department of Chemistry & Physics
1120 15
th  Street
Augusta, GA 30912

9. When is the deadline?
The application deadline is generally in the spring (April). The exact date is listed on the application page:

10. How will my application be reviewed?
Applications will be reviewed by the selection committee composed of the program director, the Chair of the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, the Director of Admissions, the Associate Director of Financial Aid and the Dean of Students.

11. When will we hear about whether or not we receive the scholarship?
Scholars will be notified near the end of the semester in which his/her application is submitted.

12. Is there a minimum GPA an SRSP scholar must maintain?
Yes, you must maintain an overall minimum 2.8 GPA as a freshman and sophomore or an overall minimum 3.0 GPA as a junior and senior.

13. What happens if my GPA falls below the required levels?
You'll have two semesters to improve your grades. If, after two semesters on probation, you do not return to a minimum GPA you'll be dropped from the program.

14. Any additional unanswered questions? 
Any questions about the program or the application procedures can be sent to the program director, Dr. J. A. Hauger at There are currently no upcoming events.