Environmental Health & Safety, Fire Safety Office (FSO) Services Provided


Fire Code Inspections

This is the process of inspecting Augusta University Buildings. It covers a room-to-room inspection on fire code issues. Every campus building is inspected annually. 

Hazardous Surveillance Surveys

Various requirements dictate the frequency of these common areas surveys. The campus buildings are divided into different areas/zones for survey, with each area requiring quarterly or monthly surveys. Additional surveys provided where needed.

Special Surveys

This is a similar process but is conducted with outside agencies and on an as needed basis. It includes State Fire Marshal, DOAS and sidewalk/grounds surveys. Also includes wide spread code deficiency projects.

Deficiency Resolution

This is the process of preparing a Plan of Action from the results of inspections, hazard surveillance and special survey processes. The Plan of Action includes the deficiency, the location, the person responsible for the correction, an estimated completion date (if applicable), and corrective measure options. This process includes computer time, copying, mailing, responding to inquiries and follow-up on the deficiency correction.

Fire Safety Education

New Employee Orientation, EH&S Laboratory Safety Class, and Safety Cluster programs include computer video presentations. Student, patient, visitor, and contractor safety education programs are offered.

Accident / Injury Reporting

The process involves the reporting, reviewing, investigation (if applicable), initiating a corrective action (if applicable), and trending of all accident/injury reports. This includes employees that are injured but not treated, are injured and treated, or are injured with lost time from work. Also reports that show no injury but are filed for records purposes. Although handled separately, this includes any incident of an injury on our property that is reported. We maintain a computerized record of these reports and provide statistical reports for distribution.

Fire Code Compliance

Through information collected from various source processes, we attempt to identify and recommend correction of known code/standard deficiencies.

Fire Drill Management

This is the process of conducting fire exit drills for Augusta University Buildings. Various requirements dictate the frequency of the drills. The clinics and lab buildings require a minimum of one drill per shift a quarter. The Student Housing buildings require one drill per semester during the school year. The day care building requires monthly drills. The remaining Augusta University buildings are annual. The drills are used as a measure for fire readiness and fire safety education programs.

Renovation Plans Review

This process covers reviewing the plans of construction or renovation projects. Also includes reviewing physical building changes and new or existing practices.

Fire Systems Monitoring & Tracking

This is a process of monitoring the readiness of campus fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and suppression systems. It includes tracking fire system equipment, zones, and components that are out-of-service for any reason. We follow-up on this routinely to identify possible building areas that are unprotected or non-compliant. Required inspection, testing , and maintenance is handled by the Facilities Management Division. All outages are coordinated through a Facilities Management work order.

Fire Extinguisher Management

This is the process of maintaining a working fire extinguisher system. Includes approximately 1900 varying extinguishers over Augusta University. The sensitive areas are inspected monthly. The other campus areas are inspected quarterly. The required maintenance processes have been outsourced to a private vendor coordinated by the Fire Safety Office. When maintenance costs exceed the purchase price of new equipment, the extinguisher is replaced.

Interim Life Safety Management (ILSM)

This is the process of managing and providing additional safety measures to an area that is impacted by a modernization, renovation, or construction project. This is a comprehensive system that requires many time consuming things to include a daily tour through the area. Also this includes barricading, posting signs, securing areas, temporary smoke detection, coordinating fire watch, and possibly additional education for the staff.

Web Site Management

The on-going process of coordinating the operation of the Fire Safety site. This includes creation of web pages, editing and maintenance under the guidance of the Associate Vice President of EH&S.

Campus Safety Committee

Representation on the safety committee in the role of safety manager requires committee follow-up, record keeping , and documentation. Various monthly reports are required.

Consultation Service

This is an on-going process. We perform this service for all types of situations from construction to giving campus directions.

Outside Agency Liaison Service

This is an on-going process. We keep a working relationship with the members of outside agencies that impact our institution. We coordinate the system of handling the State Fire Marshal. These people change as do their agencies and we keep abreast of the changes.

Construction Supervision

This is a process where, when required, we follow-up on maintenance jobs, renovation, and construction projects to verify that the work is completed and proper.

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