Laboratory Safety Reviews

Laboratory Safety Reviews are performed by Chemical Safety Office staff members to assess laboratory practices and assist Principal Investigators and Laboratory Workers in correcting safety hazards and regulatory violations. The Laboratory Chemical Safety Audits are compiled from various regulatory standards and reviews are performed to demonstrate what laboratory personnel would expect from an actual regulatory inspection.

Principal Investigators and Laboratory Workers are encouraged to perform periodic Self-Reviews  to monitor their personnel safety and regulatory compliance practices.

Chemical Safety Office is available to perform on-site risk assessments, evaluate unique situations and resources, and provide recommendations to assist individual laboratories in meeting the standards for worker safety and regulatory compliance. Information, resources and references are provided on the Chemical Safety Office web page.

Laboratory Forms & Information Resources:

A.Chemical Safety Guide for Laboratories

B. Laboratory Safety Audit & Review Checklists (with regulatory references)

Laboratory Chemical Safety Audit

2.  Comprehensive Laboratory Chemical Safety Audits

a. RCRA Compliance Review

b. Hazard Communication & Emergency Protection Review

c. Chemical Storage & DEA Review

d. Hazardous Waste Management Review

e. General Laboratory Safety & PPE Review

3. Non-Laboratory Shop & Work Area Audit

Environmental Safety Self-Inspection Checklist

D. EPA RCRA Audit Checklist
(with regulatory references)