photo of Taryn Lykes

Taryn Lykes

  • Cell & Molecular Biology
  • Junior

My favorite thing about the POPUPS scholarship is being able to have a peer mentor to give me great advice and guide me through the process.

photo of Jakeline Jaurez

Jakeline Jaurez

  • Biology
  • Junior

My favorite parts of the POPUPS workshops are how interactive they are. They had arduino and the 3d printing which were very motivating.

photo of Amber Jordan

Amber Jordan

  • Mathematics
  • Junior

One of the workshops that I went to was held by the Center for Undergraduate Research & Scholarships, where they kind of walked us through how to apply for them, the benefits of doing the research, and just what's really available out there for us.

photo of Eduardo Ortiz-Mondragon

Eduardo Ortiz-Mondragon

  • Chemistry
  • Sophomore

If there is one thing I enjoy about the POPUPS workshops, it's the opportunity to get taught by faculty who I would I never had the chance to learn from, along with the opportunity to work with my peers from different STEM disciplines and experiences.

photo of Jamari Brown

Jamari Brown

  • Biology
  • Junior

For me, the POPUPS scholarship has provided me with great financial support so that I can focus more on my academic success.