The Living-Learning Communities (LLC's) are designed to provide a supportive residential learning opportunity open to freshmen students who want to live on campus and who declare any major in the College of Science and Mathematics. 

The primary focus of these LLC's is helping students succeed academically in the critical first year of college. 

Why should I participate?

One of the many benefits to participating in the LLC is that you will be living and attending some classes with other students who have declared a major similar to yours. You will also have the opportunity to connect with students, faculty, and staff who all have an interest in helping you succeed. Finally, you will live in the recently constructed Oak Hall residential facility.



Contact Us

College of Science & Mathematics

   Allgood Hall East Wing Room 323
   Mailing: 1120 15th Street 
       Augusta, GA 30912


Who can participate?

New freshmen who enter with a high school GPA of 3.0 or better and who want to live on campus for their first year are encouraged to participate in one of the following LLC cohorts: 

  • Students majoring in Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, or Ecology
  • Students majoring in Chemistry, Mathematics, or Physics
  • Psychological Sciences majors 



  • Supportive network of like-minded people with common goal to excel academically
  • Mentoring by faculty and student peers in their sophomore, junior, or senior year
  • Development of appropriate habits and studying behaviors
  • Group study halls and silent study space with nearby tutors



  • Live in Oak Hall in close proximity to other LLC participants 
  • Enroll in an LLC-approved schedule of coursework including: 
    • Cohorted classes in introductory science and mathematics courses appropriate to major
    • Other courses as approved by your academic advisor 
  • Participate in LLC activities and events. 


Your Learning Experience at Augusta University


Oak Hall provides housing for first-year Augusta University students. Students living in Oak Hall have the opportunity to participate in living learning communities and special interest housing.


The Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURS) supports faculty-led research and scholarly activity with undergraduates at Augusta University in a variety of ways: faculty and student development activities, monthly student research brown bag seminars, offering grants to support student research and assessing the impact of student research on campus. 

Photo of Oak Hall