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Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 

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photo of Milca Alfaro

Milca Alfaro

  • Cellular
  • & Molecular Biology
  • Sophomore

From: Hampton, GA
Fun Facts: Played soccer and violin; visited Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico 
Future Career Goal: Veterinarian
My Experience at the LC: My experience is a good one. I really enjoy getting to know people that have similar interests and take the same classes. It makes me feel like I wasn't by myself, and I didn't feel alone. The program also teaches everyone to keep track of your study hours, so it just pushes you to have good habits early on in college, which helps a lot.

photo of Khrstyn Bais

Khrstyn Bais

  • Cellular
  • & Molecular Biology
  • Sophomore

From: Albany, GA.
Fun Facts: Classically trained in piano (played for 10 years), self taught in guitar, played soccer for 10 years
Future Career Goal: Oncology physician
My Experience at the LC: I love the community because it provides many volunteer opportunities and specialized tours in the Health Sciences Campus. I made friends that had similar career goals through these cohorts. Also, the weekly study sessions encourage me to improve my work ethic, and the monthly dinners are always a plus. Being a part of the community is the main reason why my freshman experience at AU was so memorable.

photo of Milline Nuahn

Milline Nuahn

  • Cellular
  • & Molecular Biology
  • Sophomore

From: Jonesboro, GA
Fun Facts: Born and raised in Liberia and moved to the US in 2010; played soccer for four years; absolute favorite color is yellow
Future Career Goal:  Pediatrician
My Experience at the LC: Being in the LC helps me because it's a whole different ballgame.
Coming from out of town to live on campus, I like the fact that LC picks your roommate for you, so you are in the same environment as somebody with the same major. I also got to go to the same classes as my roommates that lived with me, so I really liked that.

photo of Juan Reynes

Juan Reynes

  • Chemistry
  • Biochemistry Concentration
  • Sophomore

From: Warner Robins, GA
Fun facts: Played tennis in high school;  visited Australia 
Future Career Goal: Pediatrician
My Experience at the LC: What helped me the most was Saturday's study sessions because that got me into the habit of studying a lot more. I realized I needed the study habit later on in the semester. The study group kick-started me to start studying and actually take it seriously. Also, every month LC provides free food for everyone, so that was fun.