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Fall 2021 - Spring 2022 

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photo of Milca Alfaro

Milca Alfaro

  • Biology

From: Hampton, GA
Fun Facts: Played soccer and violin; visited Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico 
Future Career Goal: Veterinarian
My Experience at the LC: My experience is a good one. I really enjoy getting to know people that have similar interests and take the same classes. It makes me feel like I wasn't by myself, and I didn't feel alone. The program also teaches everyone to keep track of your study hours, so it just pushes you to have good habits early on in college, which helps a lot.

photo of Colby Gross

Colby Gross

  • Chemistry

From: Marietta, GA
Fun Facts: I love big band and orchestra music, but my true passion is the marching arts. My favorite drum corps is Carolina Crown. I marched all through high school, and I still work in the marching community.
Future Career Goal: pediatric orthopedic surgeon
My Experience at the LC: I was in the LLC this past year, and even though there were not many group events and dinners, I still loved it. I actually met my current roommate and entire friend group through the LLC, which was exciting. Most importantly, though, the LLC helped me develop and foster healthy study habits that led to success in all courses. There were Saturday study sessions every week, and my friends and I would get some breakfast and then hit the books till lunchtime, which allowed us to get a ton of work done. This helped me develop a healthy time balance with school and my personal life, leading to my success.

photo of Milline Nuahn

Milline Nuahn

  • Cell & Molecular Biology

From: Jonesboro, GA
Fun Facts: Born and raised in Liberia and moved to the US in 2010; played soccer for four years; absolute favorite color is yellow
Future Career Goal:  Pediatrician
My Experience at the LC: Being in the LC helps me because it's a whole different ballgame.
Coming from out of town to live on campus, I like the fact that LC picks your roommate for you, so you are in the same environment as somebody with the same major. I also got to go to the same classes as my roommates that lived with me, so I really liked that.