University Senators and Committee Representatives

In each case, the name is followed by the College and the year the current term completes:


Andy Hauger (Chemistry and Physics, 2015),
Robert Scott (Mathematics, 2016)

Curriculum & Academic Policies:

Dharma Thiruvaiyaru (Mathematics, 2015),
Stacy Bennetts (Biological Sciences, 2016)

Faculty Rights & Responsibilities:

Tom Crute (Chemistry and Physics, 2015),
Ric Topolski (Psychological Sciences, 2016)


Trinanjan Datta (Chemistry and Physics, 2015)

Budget Advisory, Information Technology, and University Resources:

Tom Colbert (Chemistry and Physics, 2016)

Governance and Communications:

Robert Scott (Mathematics, 2015),
Chris Sligar (Mathematics, 2016)

Community Service:

Robert Cromer (Biological Sciences, 2015),
Stephanie “SAM” Myers (Chemistry and Physics, 2016)

Student Affairs:

Donna Wear (Biological sciences, 2015),
Charlotte Christy (Biological Sciences, 2016)

Dispute Resolution and Grievance:

Jessica Reichmuth (Biological Sciences, 2016)

Faculty Development:

Andy Hauger (Chemistry and Physics, 2015)

Promotion and Tenure:

Bruce Saul (Biological Sciences, 2016)