College of Science and Mathematics Committees

Academic Year 2016-2017

Executive Committee:

Tom Colbert (Chemistry and Physics)
Linda Crawford/Mark Freitag (Mathematics)
Jessica Reichmuth (Biological Sciences)
Quentin Hartmann (Psychological Sciences)

Curriculum and Academic Policies Committee (CAPC):

Iryna Lebedyeva (Chemistry and Physics)
Mark Freitag (Mathematics)
Charlotte Christy (Biological Sciences)
Jenelle Slavin-Mulford (Psychological Sciences)

Faculty Development Committee:

Chris Klug (Chemistry and Physics)
Eric Numfor (Mathematics, 2015)
Eugenia Sabbatini (Biological Sciences)
Laurence Miller (Psychological Sciences)

Promotion and Tenure Committee:

Stephanie Myers/Andy Hauger (Chemistry and Physics)
Sam Robinson (Mathematics)
Bruce Sau (Biological Sciences)
Mike Stefanek (Psychological Sciences)