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Meet Our Alumni

Biological Sciences

photo of Lonnie Davis

Lonnie Davis

  • Regional Sales Manager

BS Biology, '04

photo of Nate Hobbs

Nate Hobbs

  • Environmental Scientist

BS Ecology, '14

photo of Kelley Jonske

Kelley Jonske

  • Science Teacher

BS Biology, '10

photo of Kimberly Price

Kimberly Price

  • Environmental Scientist

BS Ecology, '16

Chemistry & Physics

photo of Lindsey Burden

Lindsey Burden

  • Productivity Specialist

BS Physics, '15

photo of Preston Jones

Preston Jones

  • Metrology Supervisor

BS Chemistry, '16

photo of Zack Minter

Zack Minter

  • Chemistry Supervisor

BS Chemistry, '14

photo of Trevor Roebuck

Trevor Roebuck

  • Principal Engineer IV

BS in Physics, '02


photo of Megan Frazier

Megan Frazier

  • Senior Audit Accountant

BS' Mathematics '14


photo of Cheryl Boucher

Cheryl Boucher

  • Therapist Clinical Coordinator

MS Psychology, '14

photo of Niju Philip

Niju Philip

  • Clinical Research Billing Analyst

MS Psychology, '13

photo of Scott Wilkes

Scott Wilkes

  • Superintendent

MS Psychology, '95

Other Sciences

photo of Brett Rice

Brett Rice

  • Assistant Professor

MHS Clinical Lab Science, '13