LATA Animal Training

This online training program was developed by the IACUC, LAS and Laboratory Animal Training Association (LATA) to provide you with required information on the humane care and use of lab animals, as mandated by federal regulations.

The modules present pages of text and graphics and occasionally ask questions. If you answer a question incorrectly you will be directed to the associated text for review. If you answer correctly you will progress to the next page. No score is recorded, but you will need to answer all the questions to document your participation.


Complete ALL six.

(1) Occupational Health & Safety

(2) Humane Care & Use of Laboratory Animals

(3) Principles of Replacement, Reduction & Refinement

(4) Principles of Minimizing Pain & Distress & Developing Humane Endpoints

(5) Laboratory Animal Allergies & Asthma

(6) IACUC 101


Complete one for each species you work with.

Mouse Humane Care & Use of the Laboratory Mouse 
Rat Humane Care & Use of the Laboratory Rat
Cat Humane Care & Use of the Laboratory Cat
Dog Humane Care & Use of the Laboratory Dog
Fish Humane Care & Use of Laboratory Fish
Goat Humane Care & Use of the Laboratory Goat
Guinea Pig Humane Care & Use of the Laboratory Guinea Pig
Hamster Humane Care & Use of the Laboratory Hamster
Nonhuman Primates Humane Care & Use of Nonhuman Primates
Rabbit Humane Care & Use of the Laboratory Rabbit
Swine Humane Care & Use of Laboratory Swine (Pig)

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