Scheduling the CRU

The CRU is available for use Monday-Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, excluding a 30-minute lunch period that begins at 12pm and is closed on holidays and weekends. If necessary, operation hours can be adjusted to better accommodate study needs. CRU space is limited and will be reserved on a first come basis. Once an investigator determines the CRU will best serve their study’s needs, CRU staff should be contacted for scheduling immediately either by telephone at (706) 723-4310 or by email at

Investigators who would like to utilize the CRU will schedule an initial meeting with Dr. Tingen and the CRU staff. This meeting will outline study objectives and determine if the CRU is best suited for study implementation. A calendar of all studies and study appointments will be maintained by CRU staff. Standing study appointments with CRU agreements in place will have priority for use of study rooms on their assigned days and times.

Each study will need to list the CRU as a study location for biosafety approval. The CRU houses an IBC approved lab to serve study needs.

To schedule the CRU, the following are required:

  • IRB approval letter.
  • Approved Study Billing Grid or Study Billing Statement. This document explains how study tests and procedures are to be billed and when the CRU will be used.
  • PI account number assigned to the study by the hospital.
  • Completed CRU Service Request Form
  • There must be a study in-service for CRU staff prior to the admission of the first participant for any designated study. The in-service should include an overview of the study including the complete scope of work that needs to occur during the admission, potential adverse events, and clear delineation of what the study staff are responsible for and what the CRU personnel will be expected to do. While all CRU personnel have been trained on all CRU equipment, any study-specific equipment (that may be brought in) and any procedures that CRU personnel are expected to perform will require training prior to study initiation.
  • Each study coordinator will be responsible for entering study participants into PowerTrials if required. PowerTrials is the clinical research module for the hospital electronic medical record.


Investigators are welcome to use their study teams to conduct research. If CRU staffing is required, study nurses (RNs) and research assistants/associates can be provided pending an agreement between the PI and CRU Research Director.

All CRU staff members are required to complete hospital safety training and orientation. This is the same training that is required for all hospital personnel. All CRU staff members also have current BLS and CPR certification and will receive PowerTrials, PowerChart, and OnCore training prior to working in the unit.

On the Day of a Participant Visit:

The study coordinator (and PI when deemed by the protocol) should arrive at the CRU and sign in via the electronic sign in program prior to the participant arriving. If the study participant arrives before the coordinator, participants and family members will be directed to the waiting area. It is the responsibility of research staff to provide instructions to the study participants and family members. All study participants, visitors, and study personnel will sign in upon arrival to the unit using the electronic sign-in program. Once participants are signed in, the study personnel will assume responsibility for the protocol.

Study personnel should notify the research assistant at the entry station when a study participant has departed to ensure the participant has been officially checked out of the CRU.

Family members who are not involved in the study:

A maximum of 2 family members are allowed in the room with the study participant ONLY if the research protocol allows it. Family members may use the computers in the Work Room ONLY if there is a legitimate need to use them. Family members are free to wait in the waiting area immediately across from the 5th floor elevators until the study visit begins. In addition, there is a lounge/workout area on the second floor of the CHOG as well as a playground located on the 4th floor of the CHOG for family members to use at their convenience.



**If children are in the playground area (4th floor) they must be supervised by an adult at ALL TIMES. Otherwise public safety will be contacted regarding the matter.

**CRU staff and personnel are not responsible for supervising those not involved in the study. This is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.