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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Augusta University Research programs are making unexpected but necessary changes to limit research activities and operations. Please refer back to this page for the latest updates and for guidance on all AU Research Activities.

As of Tuesday, March 24, 2020, at 5 pm EST, only essential laboratory and human subject activities will be allowed on the AU campuses and affiliated sites.  Please refer to the AU Research COVID-19 IMPORTANT UPDATES for the latest instructions and guidance.

  • New Research Activities:  At this time no new research projects may started unless they meet the definition of essential research.  These new studies must also have the explicit approval of their College/School Dean.  Once approval is received by the College Dean, please provide notification to the Senior Vice President for Research by submitting information here in the New Research Proposals.
  • Essential Ongoing Research Studies:  Please refer to AU Research COVID-19 IMPORTANT UPDATES for the current definition of ESSENTIAL Research. If an investigator believes that their research project qualifies as essential, please seek the approval of your department chair.  Then, submit the Essential Research form here to notify AU Leadership that your research will be continuing during this limited operational time.
  • Non-Essential Research:  Non-essential research is defined in the AU Research COVID-19 IMPORTANT UPDATES and should not be conducted in person (face-to-face) but can be conducted virtually and/or remotely from the research participant.
  • Core Laboratory Services:  Please see Use of Basic Science and Animal Laboratory Cores UPDATESfor the latest updates on Core Laboratory Services.
  • AU Research Administration & Support Services: In general, Research and Research related offices are all continuing to function.  This includes telework whenever possible.  Please feel free to contact the units for any assistance with your research activities.  Operational status for each Research Office can be found here   

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Emails & Notices

Plan for Initial "Phased Return of Research" at Augusta University

Email sent to researchers on campus on May 29, 2020.

IRB and Human Subject Research Updates - March 23, 2020

Email sent to researchers on campus on March 23, 2020.

Division of Laboratory Animal Services Guidelines – March 24, 2020

Email sent to researchers on campus on March 24, 2020.

All AU Research COVID-19 Announcements

Frequently Asked Questions

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Answer: Yes, the IRB Office continues to function. You can call our direct telephone numbers or the general office number (706-721-3110) for assistance at any time during normal business hours. IRB Chairs and reviewers are available to review your submissions, and IRB meetings are being held as scheduled via videoconference. The IRB submission deadlines for full review submissions remain applicable.

Answer: Guidance has been published which will provide you information regarding whether your study should be placed on hold. Please see the Guidance Document: COVID-19 and Human Subject Research. IRB submissions regarding temporarily delaying enrollment and/or in-person study interactions are not required; however, you are required to document these actions via a Note-to-File. For studies reviewed by an external IRB, you should confirm reporting requirements with the external IRB.

Answer: If your protocol involves essential and non-essential interactions and you choose to change in-person visits to virtual visits (telephone, videoconference, etc…) to ensure continuity within the study, this would be considered a minor protocol deviation that does not require IRB approval before implementation. You must document this minor protocol deviation via a Note-to-File, which explicitly indicates the reason for the deviation is related to COVID-19 precautions, and retain it in your study records. Minor protocol deviations are reported to the IRB at time of Continuing Review or Annual Report through submission of a Deviation Log.  These changes do NOT require prior IRB approval.

Please be aware an amendment must be submitted for prior IRB approval if changing the method of data collection or interaction changes the study from collecting anonymous or de-identified data to collecting identifiable or coded data. Please call the IRB Office (706-721-3110) for consultation if you need assistance making this assessment.

Answer: Initiation of clinical trials, emergency use treatment, or expanded access require notification and approval by the Dean of your College, and approval by the Sr. Vice President for Research (email:, with adherence to the IRB policies regarding Human subjects research, Emergency Use and Expanded Access (Compassionate Use). If you receive approval to proceed please ensure the study title uses the prefix “[COVID-19]” so that we may ensure timely review of the study.

 Answer: Yes, the guidance applies to all human subject research conducted at Augusta University; however, you must check with the external IRB (reviewing IRB) regarding their reporting requirements related to the guidance.

 Answer: The AU IRB Office has sent the guidance to Western IRB (WIRB), Advarra, and the NCI-CIRB. If your study is reviewed by another external IRB under a reliance agreement, please feel free to share the guidance documents with the lead PI and reviewing IRB.

Answer: Please submit the Exempt Studies Amendment Request Form. The IRB will review your changes and provide you guidance on whether the changes require an amendment.

Answer: Subject files that contain protected health information (PHI) or identifiable information may not leave Augusta University. You may remove all identifiers and take a copy of subject files with you; however, these files should be retained in a secure location and all copies should be returned to AU and shredded.

We encourage the use of the Human Box folder for storing study-related files, which will allow remote access to these files. Please visit the IRB Office website to request a Human Box folder if your study does not already have one.

Answer: We encourage the use of the Human Box folder for storing study-related files, which will allow remote access to these files. Please visit the IRB Office website to request a Human Box folder if your study does not already have one.

Answer: The IRB does not currently project delays during this time; however, please review the COVID-19 Guidance for Investigators as there are restrictions regarding the types of new studies that will be allowed to open.

Answer: The IRB Office is currently evaluating each pending IRB submission based on the COVID-19 Guidance for Investigators. You should receive correspondence from the IRB within the next week regarding the status of the release of the submission approval.

Answer: Yes, the IRB will review chart review studies that are retrospective in nature.

Answer: Yes, the IRB will review this study as it does not involve face-to-face interactions.

Answer: Yes. As much as possible, research files will be reviewed virtually using institutionally approved methods such as Human Box, conducting a WebEx, etc. Study teams are not expected to start scanning documents and saving files to BOX at this time. If files are not available for an audit electronically, a physical review of the files will be conducted at a later date.

Answer: Investigators should adhere to the guidelines of AU and the non-AU site should adhere to the guidelines of their institution. However, any disruptions in research activities will need to be reported to the appropriate IRB according to the reviewing IRB policies. For studies in which Augusta University is the IRB of record, a Reportable Event should be submitted in IRBNet noting the protocol deviation(s) and include the study activities that are affected. If there are concerns regarding subject safety, please consult with the AU IRB Office.

Answer: As the lead PI, you are responsible for notifying all other sites regarding the decision to temporarily delay enrollment and study-related activities.  The AU site and the other sites are obligated to following requirements of the reviewing IRB and relying institution.

Click here for the latest details regarding FAQ's for Animal Care. 

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