Get Involved!

Engage in Research Activities

There are many opportunities for researchers and the public to get involved and engage in collaborative opportunities.  There are many committees, listed below, available to seek input and obtain participation from members of all areas. 

Town Hall

Town Halls are held approximately quarterly at the Health Sciences Campus and the Summerville Campus.

Research Interest Groups

The Office of SVP Research is always looking to establish and develop multidisciplinary research interest groups.  If you have an idea or would like to develop an interest group, please contact us or refer to Augusta University Research profiles to find other investigators with a common interest. 


The Translational Research Facilitation Committee is an advisory committee to the SVP of Research.  This committee is composed of management from Sponsored Programs Administration, IRB Office, Hospital Services, Information Technology, Cancer Center Clinical Trials, AU Clinical Trials, and AU Faculty.  This committee meets weekly and serves to identify and improve operational and strategic issues.

Representatives from each AU College meet quarterly on the AU Associate Deans for Research Committee.  This committee serves to foster inter college / interdisciplinary research, to address common research issues among faculty and trainees at AU, and to serve as a venue for exchanging research planning, information, and updates, and provide a conduit for initiating research dialogue across Colleges.

Adhoc Working Groups address specific research issues and provide written recommendations for improvement.  Highlighted working groups have included:

  • Contract “Front Door” Committee
  • Process Improvement Committee – Clinical Research Billing
  • Research IT Software Working Group
  • Research Study Initiation Process – Process Improvement
  • IRB Consent Revision Working Group
  • Recent Recruits: Variations in policies, guidelines and SOPs
  • Differentiating IRB revisions: Amendments  versus New Submissions
  • Coordination of Multicenter Clinical Trials

The research interests of investigators are extremely important.  Efforts are employed to create or identify opportunities for investigators to collaborate via the Research Interest Committees.  Investigators that are interested in interdisciplinary research opportunities or to explore multi-disciplinary research projects are encouraged to participate in a Research Interest Committee.  Highlighted committees include:

  • Women’s Health Research Group
  • Big Data Research Group
  • Autism Research Group
  • New ideas are welcomed and can be submitted at

The Clinical Coordinators Committee is an open committee that is composed of front-line research staff.  Monthly meetings and a coordinators’ listserv provide a conduit for identifying research trends experienced by study coordinators and provide the opportunity for sharing research information and providing training opportunities.  To join this committee or listserv email