Attendance Verification


The Office of the Registrar is charged with maintaining accurate records of class enrollment. Conducted once each regular term, the faculty attendance verification process serves two important purposes:

  1. To ensure that university records are accurate and complete and that faculty have reliable class lists on which to post student grades at the end of term:    
    • Students who are reported as enrolled but not-attending are notified to return to class and to contact their instructors for appropriate academic guidance to complete the class. If they do not intend to complete the class, students are advised to make enrollment adjustments prior to midterm. 
    • Students who are reported as attending but not enrolled are instructed to register in the class, as appropriate. Note: Students who are attending to remove a prior grade of incomplete are not required to re-enroll in the course.
    • Students who are completing the course, but in a different class section from their enrolled class, are generally changed to the class they are attending. 
  2. In order to comply with federal regulations, Augusta University must confirm the presence in class of students receiving financial assistance through federal and state student assistance programs.

When is Attendance Verification?

At the end of add/drop during each term the Office of the Registrar contacts class instructors to request they verify the students on their class roster.

In order to comply with federal student aid requirements, instructors are asked to identify students on the roster who have never attended or have stopped attending. In addition, instructors are asked to note students who have not attended but have requested instructors to “hold their seat” in the class as they plan to attend.

Attendance verification is conducted through POUNCE. 

The dates of attendance verification are located at  

How do I complete Attendance Verification?

Any courses which the instructor is currently assigned to will appear in Banner. If there are any courses which are not appearing, please contact the Registrar's office for assistance.

Attendance Verification is completed through Faculty Self Service and should be completed prior to the posted deadline.

Please follow these directions for verifying class attendance:

  1. Log into POUNCE.
  2. Click the Faculty and Advisors menu item.
  3. Click the Attendance Verification menu item.
  4. Select the CRN in the drop-down.  If you only have one course, go to step 5.
  5. Click the button with the correct CRN, not the Print Roster button.

All assigned course sections for the current terms will display. All class rosters for the term must be verified. Click the CRN to verify attendance for students in that course section.

After choosing the CRN, your class roster displays. Select an appropriate attendance status for each student.

  • Attendance should be defined as having attended at least one class. 
  • Did Not Attend should be defined as never having attended or having contacted the instructor. 
  • Hold should be defined as having contacted the instructor and arranged to begin attending at a date the instructor specifies. Online course attendance should reflect that the student has indicated in some way that he or she is “attending” by logging in or contacting you in some other way.  This status must be changed to one of the above statuses by the end of attendance verification.

You may also press the Mark All As Attending button to mark all students as attending. When you are done, press the Save Attendance Verification button at the bottom of the page. You will have the ability to go back to your attendance verification roster and verify any students who may have added your class after your original submission before the deadline date.

Since students sometimes add courses late, we recommend that you double check your rolls near the deadline to be sure that latecomers have been verified.