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Data stewards are designated senior University officials who have planning and policy-level responsibilities for data in their functional areas.  Data stewards or their designees are responsible for recommending policies and establishing procedures and guidelines concerning the accuracy, privacy, and integrity of the data subsets for which they are responsible.  The responsibilities of the Data Stewards are as follows:

  • Overall responsibility for the data subsets managed by their reporting units. In certain cases the same data element could exist in more than one data subset (and stem). For example, social security number is used in the financial, human resources and student system. In this case, social security number is considered to have more than one steward.
  • Resolve data access or definition issues involving data elements which exist in multiple data subsets across stems.
  • Interpret and implement state and federal policies and guidelines that affect data subsets within their functional areas.
  • Identify the access type (public, internal, or internal and sensitive) for each data element within the data subsets managed by their reporting units.
  • Establish authorization procedures to facilitate appropriate data access as defined by campus data policy and ensure data security for data within their functional area.

Data Stewards

      Cecilia McQuaig 
  Business Office
      Beth Welsh 
  Financial Aid
      Debbie Turner
      Heather Metress 
  Registrar Backup
      Jordan Cliatt