Employee Engagement Survey

The Augusta University Employee Engagement Survey will be administered at Augusta University in spring 2020 by ModernThink, an organizational development consulting firm with expertise in workplace quality. See the Related Links for more information, including FAQ, website links, and previous survey information.

About the Employee Engagement Survey:

The survey assesses employee engagement by way of two components: an institutional questionnaire used to compare AU to similarly sized institutions, and an employee questionnaire sent to faculty and staff. The survey is sent to employees by ModernThink, and individual responses are not returned to AU to protect anonymity.

Because we are participating in the spring, the survey will be part of the nationwide Great Colleges to Work For rankings for the first time! This ranking is a partnership between ModernThink and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Our Commitment to Employee Engagement:

Augusta University is committed to increasing engagement among faculty and staff. While the survey is typically sent to a random sampling of 600 faculty and staff per participating university, AU’s leadership invested in oversampling to invite all full-time faculty and staff and benefits-eligible part-time faculty to respond. The results of this assessment will be distributed to all faculty and staff and will be integrated into the existing University planning process, ensuring that tactics to improve employee engagement will be implemented and assessed at all levels of the university.

Meeting this Commitment:
To meet the commitment of using the results of the employee engagement surveys, a key performance indicator has been included in the implementation of Beyond Boundaries related to engagement. In addition, each unit that participates in planning must set a goal related to employee engagement, track progress towards this goal, and evaluate success at the end of each year.