It's on Us: A guide for employees

A guide for employees

Under Title IX, Augusta University is obligated to investigate and potentially take action when an incident of sex or gender discrimination or sexual misconduct is made known to a “responsible employee.” A responsible employee is defined as: (a) any employee who has the authority to take action to redress the harassment, discrimination or misconduct; (b) any employee who has the duty to report harassment, discrimination or misconduct to appropriate school officials; or (c) an individual who a student could reasonably believe has this authority or responsibility.

The University System of Georgia has further defined an employee’s role in reporting sexual discrimination and misconduct, and refers to such individuals as “mandatory reporters.”

The university system has made the following guidelines available to mandatory reporters:

  •  Mandatory reporters are defined as all faculty, staff (excluding confidential and privileged resources) and all resident assistants, student employees, and graduate assistants, unless specifically designated as a confidential or privileged employee. 

    Student Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Health Services and Pastoral Counseling are considered confidential or privileged resources.  Staff working in these areas are not considered mandatory reporters for purposes of Title IX and do not have an obligation to report incidents of sex or gender discrimination or sexual misconduct unless requested by the individual. Obligations for reporting child abuse however, may exist under state law.
  • A mandatory reporter must promptly contact the Title IX coordinator when he or she received information concerning an alleged act of sex or gender discrimination or sexual misconduct. The mandatory reporter must provide all reported information including the names of the victim and the accused, as well as details concerning witnesses, location, etc.
  • A mandatory reporter, as much as possible, should preemptively inform a student or member of the Augusta University community that the university will attempt to maintain confidentiality but that he or she is required to report all allegations, including the names of those involved, to the university. While confidential resources are available, no employee should promise confidentiality.
  • The Title IX coordinator will promptly notify public safety and other university officials, when appropriate. At the request of the disclosing individual – mandatory reporters may contact law enforcement or other resources.
  • Sanctions for mandatory reporters failing to report incidents of sex or gender discrimination or sexual misconduct may include disciplinary action up to and including termination from the university.

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