Student Guide to Parking

All students must have an active permit to park on campus.

Log into POUNCE each semester.  Select 'Parking Registration' and complete the information requested.
Or access the Parking Management Portal and pay your parking registration fee electronically.

Parking Rate Sheet

Where MAY I Park?  

  • Summerville and Forest Hills Campuses: Students may park in lots/spaces that are not labeled for Faculty/Staff, Service Vehicles, Official Business Permit spaces, or any other specifically labeled spaces.
  • Health Sciences Campus: Students may park in lots/spaces that are not labeled as Reserved Spaces, Service Vehicle Spaces,  Patient or Hospital Visitor Spaces, Volunteer Spaces, Official Business Permit spaces, or any other specifically labeled spaces.
    (NOTE: First-year students living in resident housing will be assigned to Lot 55A for parking on Health Sciences Campus.)
  • Students may park in Accessible (handicap) spaces with the appropriate ADA credentials.
  • Residential Student Parking Guidelines
  • Commuter Student Parking Guidelines

    A variety of JagExpress Shuttles provide complimentary bus rides for students from perimeter lots to various locations.

DO NOT PARK in the following decks RESERVED FOR PATIENTS, Families & GUESTS:

  • Deck 1 (P1), Augusta University Medical Center deck on 15th Street.
  • Deck 2 (P2), Medical Office Building deck on Harper Street, Levels One, Two, and Three.
  • Deck 3 (P3), Children's Hospital of Georgia deck on Harper Street, Level One.
  • The Georgia Cancer Center Outpatient Clinic deck at 1411 Laney-Walker Boulevard.
  • Lot 5, The Dental College of Georgia patient surface parking lot.


A student or employee with a doctor's appointment, or who is visiting a patient, is allowed to park in patient parking during the scheduled appointment or visit only by displaying a courtesy pass.
Please print and complete an official Courtesy Appointment Parking Pass.
Make sure your university parking permit is visible, and place the printed courtesy pass on the dash.
Be sure the note can be easily seen and read from outside the vehicle in order to avoid a citation.