Employee Guide to Parking

Vehicle Registration

All employees must have an active permit to park on campus. To register a new vehicle, be sure to have your vehicle information on hand (year, make/model, color, tag number) and then do the following:

  1. Visit the Parking Management Portal website.
  2. Log in using JagID.
  3. Select "Vehicle."
  4. Select "Add New Vehicle."
  5. Under "Change Type," select "Add New Vehicle" and enter vehicle information.
  6. Verify your information is correct. 
  7. Complete your transaction.

Where may i park?

NON-RESERVED: Employees with Non-Reserved parking may park in any lots/spaces that are not labeled for Students, Hospital Patients or Visitors,  Service Vehicles, Official Business Permit spaces or any other specifically labeled spaces.

There is a reduced rate for employees with annual salaries below an established threshold.
Please contact the Parking Office at 721-PARK to ask about the reduced rate and for assistance in the Parking Portal.

RESERVED PARKING: If you think you may be eligible for a RESERVED space and would like to upgrade, please contact the Parking Office at 721-PARK or ParkingOffice@augusta.edu.

Who is eligible for Reserved Parking? President, EVPs, VPs, Assoc/Asst VPs, Deans, Assoc/Asst Deans, department directors, academic department chairs, as well as anyone with a state-issued ADA permit. Reserved parking spaces are limited, and only available for certain lots. A 12-month payroll deduction is required. RESERVED space restrictions are in effect from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday [excluding university holidays].

Please Note, the decks and lots below are reserved for patients and visitors of patients only:

  • Medical Center deck on 15th Street, located on the east side of the deck, BN on this map
  • Medical Office Building deck on Harper Street, Levels One, Two, and Three, HC on this map
  • Children's Hospital of Georgia deck on Harper Street, Level One, BK on this map
  • The Clinical Cancer Center deck on Laney Walker Blvd., AM on this map
  • Lot 5, located in front of the Dental College of Georgia, #5 on this map


An employee or student with a doctor's appointment, or who is visiting a patient, is allowed to park in patient parking during the scheduled appointment or visit only by utilizing a courtesy parking pass.
Please print and complete an official Courtesy Appointment Parking Pass.
Make sure your university parking permit is visible, and place the printed courtesy pass on the dash.
Be sure the note can be easily seen and read from outside the vehicle in order to avoid a citation.