Employee Guide to Parking

In order to be permitted to park on campus, all faculty and staff must have your current vehicle registered with the Parking Office.

Parking Rate Sheet

Where may I park?


University employees with Non-Reserved parking may use any university-designated lot/space that is not labeled for students, patients, visitors, service vehicles, official business permit spaces or any other specifically labeled spaces. 

There is a reduced rate for employees with annual salaries below an established threshold. Please contact the Parking Office at 721-PARK to ask about the reduced rate and for assistance in the Parking Portal.

Are university lots specifically designated for faculty and staff?

Due to the high demand for parking at Augusta University, it is important to maximize the number of spaces available for use during business hours. Since 2014, 90% of campus parking has been made available for faculty, staff and students as non-reserved and open on a first-come, first-served basis. A small quantity of spaces are designated for clinic patients, visitors, and students in on-campus housing.


Reserved parking is an option for the following job titles: President, EVP, VP, AVP, Dean, Assoc/Asst Dean, department director, academic department chair, and anyone with a state-issued ADA permit. Reserved parking spaces are limited and only available in certain lots. A 12-month payroll deduction is required.  

Please contact the Parking Office at 721-PARK or ParkingOffice@augusta.edu to confirm eligibility and inquire about available space. Unless marked, reserved parking permissions are provided weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. only (excluding university holidays).


 Augusta University Medical Center Employees and Providers are assigned specific lots and MUST park in their assigned lot. In addition, employees should not park in spaces that are labeled for students, hospital patients, visitors, service vehicles, or any other specifically labeled spaces between 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM Monday – Friday.


Employees with an intermittent need to be present on campus may elect to obtain a daily permit using the ParkMobile app. The daily rate is $4.00, and permits can be scheduled in advance or upon arrival to campus. Daily use is limited to perimeter lots. Users can download the ParkMobile app or visit https://parkmobile.io/locations/ and search for Augusta University.

Employees may park in accessible (handicap) spaces with the appropriate ADA credentials.

A variety of JagExpress Shuttles provide service for employees to designated stops on each campus.