Employee Parking Guide

Registration is easy!

Annual parking registration for faculty and staff of Augusta University, Augusta University Medical Center, and Augusta University Medical Associates generally takes place mid-June through the beginning of July.

If you are registering a new vehicle, be sure to have your vehicle information on hand (year, make/model, body type, color, license number, and state) and then do the following:

  1. Visit the Parking Management Portal website.
  2. Select Order Permits.
  3. Log in using JagID.
  4. Select Order Permits (again) 
  5. Select the appropriate permit. 
  6. Verify your information is correct. 
  7. Complete your transaction.


If you work on the Summerville Campus, you should select Summerville Faculty/Staff Parking.

If you work on the Health Sciences Campus and currently do not have reserved parking, you should select Non-Reserved Employee Health Sciences.

If you currently have reserved parking and choose to keep it, please select Reserved Employee Health Sciences. This option will only appear if you already have reserved parking. 

If you have reserved parking and would like to downgrade to non-reserved, please contact the Parking Office.

NOTE: The reduced parking rate for employees earning an annual salary that is less than $25,500 or part-time faculty earning less than $3,600 per academic session has been set at $5 per month. There will not be an option for the reduced rate in the online parking registration system. Please select non-reserved parking and contact the Parking Office to request the reduced rate.

If you work in the Medical Center and currently park in one of the Medical Center parking lots or decks, select Medical Center AUMC. If you work in the Medical Center and park in Lots 40, 41, or 61, you should select Non-Reserved Medical Center

Please Note, the decks and lots below are reserved for patients and visitors of patients only:

  • Medical Center deck on 15th Street, located on the east side of the deck, BN on this map
  • Medical Office Building deck on Harper Street, Levels One, Two, and Three, HC on this map
  • Children's Hospital of Georgia deck on Harper Street, Level One, BK on this map
  • The Clinical Cancer Center deck on Laney Walker Blvd., AM on this map
  • Lot 5, located in front of the Dental College of Georgia, #5 on this map


An employee or student with a doctor's appointment or who is visiting a patient is allowed to park in patient parking during the scheduled appointment or visit. Please make sure your parking permit is visible and place a note on the dash that says,
"Dr. Appointment, Date:______ Time:______" Or, "Patient Visit, Date: _______ Time: ________"
Be sure the note can be easily seen and read from outside the vehicle in order to avoid a citation.