Faculty and Staff Resources

Important Tips


Do you plan on requiring or recommending that students use the Writing Center? Reach out to us: 

  1. Email the Director of the writing center, Candis Bond (cbond@augusta.edu), with information about the assignment and the number of students expected to visit. The more information the consultants have about your expectations for assignments, the better they can help your students. Plus, we can chat about the nature and scope of consultations and discuss appointment availability. 
  2. Invite a writing center representative into your class for an informational class visit. This quick spiel will help demystify what we do for students, and they will better understand what to expect and how to prepare for the consultation. 
  3. Consider hosting an in-class writing workshop. We offer great writing workshops on a number of topics (APA/MLA citation, research writing, peer-reviewing techniques, style and grammar, etc...). Class-specific, customized workshops are also available upon request. This might be the most efficient way to meet students’ needs.