Pamplin Professional Impact Fund

The Pamplin Professional Impact Fund (PPIF) facilitates the presentation and dissemination of scholarly and creative works by the faculty of Pamplin College in order to help raise the profile of Augusta University. Those seeking funded support to conduct research or purchase research-related tools should apply to the separate Pamplin RSCA fund instead.

Applications are subject to final approval by the Dean, and must meet the following criteria:

  • The activity will be completed during the current fiscal year (July 1 through June 9-- please note that Travel Expense Statements must be submitted to Accounts Payable by June 12th for travel completed by June 9th).
  • The application has been discussed with and approved by his/her Department Chair prior to submission.
  • The application is for an activity occurring outside the state of Georgia.

Funding priority is based on the applicant's rank (pre-tenure, tenured, non-tenure-track), the level of involvement (presenting, conducting vital research, chairing/organizing), and the significance of the activity within the applicant's discipline. Applications will not be considered from applicants who have not submitted a Post-Activity Report for all previous PPIF-funded activities.

The rubric used to evaluate PPIF applications can be viewed here.


The committee will meet four times to make funding decisions for activities occurring in the present fiscal year (2019-2020):  September 23, 2019; November 11, 2019; January 27, 2020;  and March 30, 2020.  (During the fourth meeting, the committee will also review applications for activities occurring in the next fiscal year--particularly in late June, July, and August, so that faculty who engage in late Summer activities may determine, in advance, whether they will have PPIF support.)

Applications may be submitted at any time, and a maximum of three (3) applications may be submitted for each fiscal year. Please plan accordingly and apply as far in advance as practical if you wish to verify PPIF support prior to a planned activity. Faculty may also submit applications to be reimbursed for activities that have already occurred in this fiscal year; however, be aware that any reimbursement that cannot be awarded and processed within 45 days of when the activity was completed must be taxed as additional pay.

 How to Apply

To apply, you will need to complete the online PPIF Application form available here

You may preview the application form here.  

Post-Activity Report

PPIF award recipients are expected to submit a Post-Activity Report within 45 days of completing the funded activity. Award recipients who fail to submit these materials in a timely manner may be ineligible for subsequent PPIF awards.

To report on your PPIF-supported activity:

1. Complete the online PPIF Post-Activity Report form and

2. Email a signed copy of your Travel Expense Statement (TES) to Dr. Wesley Kisting and Pat Henderson with a note that it is for PPIF-related expenses.