Conservatory Jazz Ensemble

Audition Details

Audition video recordings are due on Tuesday, January 15th at midnight.  


Record each segment of your audition in one take (no editing allowed) and submit it all as one video file or record the whole audition in one take (no editing allowed) and submit it as one video file.  Upload your video to YouTube and make it “unlisted” or “public” so we can view it.  You also have the option to upload your video file directly.  Fill out the form below and give us the link to your YouTube video at the bottom, or upload your video using the link at the bottom of the form. 

Horn Players, Piano, Bass & Guitar Players

1. Perform three Blues Scales provided to you in the audition materials (extra audition credit will be given for playing the scales two octaves whenever possible).  Play concert Bb, Concert F and one key of your choice.

2. Prepare to play the two audition pieces provided in the audition materials. Sophisticated Lady (Ab Concert) and Embraceable You (G Concert). Sheet music for each instrument in the correct key is in the audition material packet. You can find instrumental accompaniment for each of these ballads on the ireal app online. Set the tempo for quarter note = 90.  (accompaniment optional)

3. Prepare the written exercise “Stellar” (This can be performed over the chord changes for “Stella By Starlight” in concert Bb if you would like to practice it with accompaniment – also found in the ireal app) Prepare this excerpt at quarter note = 126 with a swing feeling.  (accompaniment optional)

4. Improvisation (optional): play two choruses of blues improvisation in the Keys of F and Bb concert. Blues changes can be found on the ireal app and can be changed into any key and tempo desired. Practice at quarter note = 120 - 150

 Bass Players - In addition to the above

1. Demonstrate a walking bass line for 3 choruses of blues in F and Bb

2. Demonstrate playing in a 4/4 feel, half-time feel, waltz, Latin feel (bossa nova/Girl From Ipanema type feel.


3. Demonstrate the following "rhythmic feels" in an imaginative manner:

Medium swing
Up tempo swing
Medium rock/funk
Latin (bossa nova and/or Jazz Samba)
Jazz waltz
Jazz ballad

*Tutorials on these rhythmic feels can be found here.

2. Perform an extended free solo, utilizing the entire set to the fullest capacity and including as many different musical styles as practical.


1. Prepare a jazz standard of your choice using an ireal accompaniment to perform during your audition.


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