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Frequently Asked Questions


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How many more lessons do I have left on my semester registration?

Both your instructor and the Conservatory Director can answer this question for you. Because of how our record schedule works, the instructor will have the most up-to-date number. 


How do I know when to pay for more lessons?

All students registered for a payment plan will be invoiced two weeks prior to the payment due date around the 15th of the month. The due dates will be in August for the initial registration, October 1, 2015, and December 1, 2015.


How do I know that payment has been received for lessons or classes?

Once registration & payment have been received, the information is entered into the computer database and a receipt is emailed or mailed. Please let the Director know if you have a mail vs. email preference. If you have created an online account, you will be able to make and monitor your payments. Self-monitoring your payments will keep you from having to call the office to find out how much you owe. Any receipts you receive when making a payment will also state your remaining balance.


How do I know when a class meets?

The starting dates, and audition dates, for Conservatory Classes and Ensembles will be posted on the website calendar. A receipt from the PACE office verifying payment of the class fee is the only confirmation of registration that you will receive.

If a class for which you have registered is cancelled , you will be notified by phone or e-mail prior to the class staring date.

Private Lessons schedules are determined solely between the student and instructor. Please do not reach out to the Conservatory Director, or the PaCE staff to determine your lesson schedule, or to reschedule or cancel lessons. All schedule changes to private lessons MUST be handled directly through the instructor.


Why do I have to complete a registration form every time I register?

You do not. If you have previously been registered through Professional and Community Education we already have your information on file. When registering, we will confirm your contact information to ensure we have accurate information. When turning in payments for private lessons, we only need the student's name, teacher, and lesson length written in the memo line.

If you are wishing to register for the next semester of private lessons, simply call or email the Director to complete the registration.



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