The Augusta University Master of Public Administration program enhances the performance of public and nonprofit organizations in our region, state, and the nation by preparing public service leaders to competently and ethically lead public and nonprofit organizations. As an interdisciplinary professional degree program, we seek to:

  • provide a broad education for individuals entering government and nonprofit organizations in administrative positions,
  • enhance the capabilities and performance of individuals currently serving in management positions in our region,
  • produce impactful public administration research,
  • emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion in public service, and
  • provide curriculum offerings and outreach that strengthen the governing capacity in the region.

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Dr. William Hatcher and Dr. Saundra Ribando

MPA Curriculum

If you're ready to advance your career in public service, then you are in the right place!

In today's rapidly changing world, collaboration is the key to improving our world. To address today's complex problems, government leaders must work proactively with nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses. The MPA is the degree of choice for professionals working in government and the nonprofit sector. Why? Because it gives students practical skills in working with others to address the complex problems facing our government and our society.

If you want to make the world, or just our community, a better place, the MPA is the degree you have been looking for!


Criminal Justice Concentration

Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership

CERTIFICATE IN Urban planning and community development BA to MPA in 5 Years 

Criminal Justice Concentration

Criminal Justice Concentration

The MPA program’s Criminal Justice Concentration addresses topics relevant to students who are interested in advancing careers in law enforcement and/or social activism in the area of criminal justice. Through our community partners, students have the opportunity to work with personnel from local law enforcement and nonprofits with a criminal justice mission.


Nonprofit Leadership Certificate

certificate in nonprofit leadership

The Augusta Metro area has one of the largest concentration of nonprofits in the United States. The MPA-MBA Nonprofit Leadership Certificate provides students with the skills specific to excel in the nonprofit sector. The Certificate is designed to help students develop the necessary knowledge to manage and lead sustainable nonprofit organizations. The certificate is directed at individuals in the nonprofit field who already have a bachelor's degree and are seeking to further their knowledge and abilities.



Nonprofit Leadership Certificate

certificate in urban planning and community development

Public planning and community development are  growing fields in the public sector. The Certificate in Urban Planning and Community Development  prepares students for careers in public planning and development with state, regional, and local governments. The certificate is directed at individuals working in public administration who already have a bachelor’s degree and are seeking to further their knowledge and abilities. By completing the certificate, students learn the following: theories and practice of urban planning; land-use planning; zoning; economic development planning; geographic information systems; and grant writing.


  BA to MPA in 5 Years

MPA studentsEarn your BA and MPA in five years through our accelerated Master of Public Administration option! This option allows students majoring in Political Science and Criminal Justice, who meet certain guidelines, the opportunity to apply 9 hours of MPA classes to both the 124-hour undergraduate degrees and the MPA degree.

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