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Ongoing Programs

Community Dialogues: Contemporary Issues/Enduring Questions

In 2011, the Humanities Program launched a new Community Dialogues program engaging Contemporary Issues/Enduring Questions. This program examines contemporary issues and their historical context in formats that encourage respectful discourse, responsible scholarship, and open public access.

Coffee and Conversation with an Expert

Scheduled once each semester, Coffee & Conversation is an informal hour or so of conversation with guest experts who can answer faculty questions pertinent to Humanities course teaching. The guests don't prepare presentations. They simply make themselves available for any questions faculty may have as they prepare class materials. Past guest experts have included Rabbi Robert Klensin of Synagogue Children of Israel and Imam Sabke and Dr. Hossam Fadel of the Islamic Society of Augusta.

Linking Local Resources with World History

Humanities Program received a grant from the Georgia Humanities Council for the project Linking Local Resources to World History. The partnership with the Morris Museum of Art produced six educational units, each linked to a specific artwork in the Morris' collection, which explores the Augusta region's connection to major world historical eras and cultures.

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The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Practice

Each semester, the Humanities Program and the Center for Teaching and Learning co- sponsor a day for professors to share their research. Presentations are announced under the Upcoming Opportunities space above. Past presentations have included:

  • Teaching the Illiad as a Core Humanities Text by Tatiana Klacsmann
  • Collaborative and Integrated Humanities Team-Teaching by Brian Armstrong
  • Black Mountain College Parts I and II by Karen Klacsmann, Simon Grant, and Clay Shotwell
  • Art Without Excellence: Teaching Duchamp's Fountain by Rob Bledsoe.